The Dream!

Mimpi semalam^^

I have a boyfriend, n I can handle it,,,

I feel like is real,,
And the kisses,I feel wet in my mouth too heheheheh (gubrak)

But,who is he?! Is that you, cuy? Cause I feel he is you!

Ough, why it’s not easy for me?? I can forget anything ’bout you!

C’mon beib,, its difficult for me! So®®Ÿ!!!!!

Seharusnya jarak tak jadi masalah!
Saat aq marah,, janganlah pergi menjauh,,

Bujuklah aq,, take my hand, hug me tight n never let me go or never ever leave me alone!

Cause, even thought I’m angry, I still ♥ ♥ ♥ you beibh! Its true!!!


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